Love island

Dr D in Oz

No not the cheesy TV reality show but Sziget Festival in Budapest, Hungary.

Sziget Festival 2019 Budapest

Sziget must feature on any internationalfestival goer’s bucket list.

Billed as the island of freedom and love this seven day festival, held on a Danube island some 5 km from central Budapest, encompasses music (all genres), dance, art, circus, film, workshops, a DIY stage where you could try out instruments, and more.

For days the suburban railway was packed solid with festival-bound, mainly young, revellers and campers from all over Europe. Alighting the wagon at a non-descript halt, the multinational throng swept past the servo (petrol station), now serving as a pop-up bar, over the bridge, and into the venue.

Sziget festival 2019 Budapest Two surprising things stood out- the encroachment of camping on any free space and an almost total lack of litter or festival detritus. Wandering randomly we were ambushed by a steam punk drum ensemble before stumbling…

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